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Away from home

27 Apr

A month ago, I took a giant leap. I decided to move out from Sopara and stay as a PG in Worli. Why? Because, enough is enough. I quit the horrendous train battle. After 7 years of being a sheep in the huge flock which gets pushed to die in a compartment of Virar local, I now decided to put an end to the nightmare. I should’ve done this long back but you know you can’t pay peanuts for rent in Mumbai. It’s not that I can afford it now, but now I am in a position where I can at least make ends meet.

New place

New place

Fortunately, I did not run from pillar to post to find a place. Thanks to father’s BMC contacts which helped us to get a decent place in the city. What I discovered was, these BMC officials have the entire city on their speed dial. What enviable contacts. Superb. So finally moved in. Roommate is sweet but very conservative. Does not drink, hates maggie and pizza, makes excellent tea. But very cordial. Drags me to Worli Sea Face every night for a 45-minute-run. In short, everything is fine.

New place

New place

What sucks is bus travel. I loathe the bus travel. The only good thing is that I reach work in 15 mins flat! Reaching work so quickly is a dream. Imagine an hour and half time cut down to fifteen fucking minutes. Also the largest numbers of jerks are to be found in bus. God those deliberate dhakkas and irritating stares is what women who travel by bus has to face every day.

But I miss home. I miss Mom and Dad like crazy. Though I am just an hour and half away, I still feel that I am in a whole new city. I miss talking aloud, making a mess at home. I hate how dad gets teary-eyed when he leaves me at the station every Sunday. I miss making fuss over a vegetable that I hate. Here, I eat everything without questioning the cook why she made it. Also, I have started cooking. Horrible chapatis and tea is what I make now, but I think I will improve.

The other day, I forgot to close the windows as I was in a hurry to catch the daily bus. You won’t believe what happened! Pigeons came in and shat on our clothes which were kept for drying on the clothes line! Also once I opened the cooker immediately after I closed the gas to see whether the rice was well cooked. Boom! I ran out of the house, praying the neighbours shouldn’t come running. A lesson well learned.

So yes, this is how I am living these days. The new found freedom is liberating but sad at the same time. But I am going to listen to Darwin who says, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”