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Sir, you will be missed

21 Feb

I vividly remember the morning when an old man in a crisp white shirt and trousers entered our class. ‘Great old Dumbledore,’ is what we students thought of him unanimously. His first question to us was what newspapers we read. He spoke slowly and was quietly gauging his pupils’ knowledge. And, I am so proud to say that we did not disappoint him. From there on, every class was a story telling session, where he recalled his renowned stint as a journalist. PK Sir was the doyen of journalism. We respected him. If you get respect from media students, you’re a unicorn.

This guy was a ‘no nonsense’ man. You can’t make up shit and present in his project. Your conscience would prick at the simple thought of Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Ving his projects. We got to learn what ethics were. He taught us everything with his prominent experience.

Great teachers are great if their teachings remain with their students forever. PK Sir was beyond greatness. I will remember him. If I ever have kids, PK sir will be the ultimate example for them, of what an ideal teacher should be. His ‘Indian Regional Journalism’ and ‘Slice of Life’ will always be on my shelf.
ImageHow I miss him today. How I miss those classes where we paid attention to every word he said. And, how shameful that I was never in touch with him after I got out of college. I will never forgive myself for that.

Sir, you have inspired many like me. I hope someday even I do the same. Rest in peace Sir, you will be missed.