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Barfi! is love

15 Sep

I have stopped expecting anything good from movies. The fact that I review movies that nobody wants to watch might be the reason behind this. But then I watched Barfi, it made me open that word doc. I used to hate Ranbir Kapoor. Hate, hate, hate. I had no reason to justify my loathing – it was that kind of hate. But, then I saw him in Barfi. Not that I love him now, I respect him. He reminded me of the great Raj Kapoor. That’s all I will say about his performance.

I am not reviewing Barfi. I am putting down what remained with me after I left the theatre. Barfi reminded me of times when I have backed out after realising that I am not good enough for someone. You know, that feeling when you realise that the person you like can be happier with somebody else than with you. Yes, that feeling. The shittiest feeling ever. But, once you accept that reality, you accept life.

We judge people. We pay attention to what they wear. What they say. What they listen to, what they eat. With whom they hang out with. What slips our attention is what they go through, how they deal with crisis. How do they contact people, do they respect them? How do they cry, how do they hide their tears?  How do they make you feel?

I have tried changing people whom I love. But, time to time I have realised how flawed that is. Love is about accepting an autistic Jhilmil, making paper planes for her, and doing funny things to make her laugh. It is also like Shruti’s mother. Watching your ex quietly, but moving on with your life too. Basically, it’s about accepting people for who they are. There should be no selfish intention behind loving someone. If it exists, then it’s trade not love. If it’s boobs, it’s sex, not love.

Ask yourself why you love that person. Smile if your answer is ‘I don’t know.’ Also, go watch Barfi!.