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My favourite Game of Thrones characters

26 Aug

That I finished watching the two seasons of Game of Thrones now, I will tell you why it took me so long. I usually take episodes of my favourite sitcoms on my Ipod, so that I have something to ignore the frustrating train crowd. I have watched many movies and episodes on my iPod while getting crushed in the corner of the compartment. With Game of Thrones, it was not that easy. This fellow passenger who was a Gujju aunty saw the Tyrion scene where he is in a whore house of Winterfell. She looked at me and said, “Sharam hai sharam aise sab dekhti hai” (Do you have any shame that you are watching this?) I was dumbstruck; I myself was scandalised because I had never seen a midget in action. I shut it down, because the aunty was about to narrate the scene to the other passengers. However, she stopped. Maybe she didn’t know what they call a midget in Gujarati. So, yes it was pretty embarrassing. I stopped watching it on my iPod. I had to watch it on weekends which took me forever to finish!

Well, Game of Thrones is mind-bogglingly awesome. Imagine a tv series shot so magnificently. I pity myself for not reading the books. But I think the tv series has made justice to the books if locations and characters are concerned. I sometimes wonder what George R.R. Martin was thinking when he killed Ned Stark. When I was telling a friend how shocked I was with his death, my friend said, “GOT ain’t bollywood, babe”. That’s so true.

So, I decided to write about some of my favourite GOT characters. We all love Ned, Tyrion, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Arya.  But, I will tell you some of my favourite supporting characters that I love from the series.

Khal Drogo

I am sorry, but I thought Khal Drogo was the WWE wrestler Khali. Jason Mamoa as Khal Drogo was a terror but a lady killer. How I envied his ‘shendi’. I wanted to see him more. Damn you, George R.R. Martin!


Remember she was Nymphodora Tonks in the Potter series? Osha was about to kill Bran, but later she becomes his confidante and protector.

Samwell Tarly

Aww, this one is a teddy bear no? Sam is the rotund steward of Night’s watch. He loves Jon Snow and considers him as his best friend.


Tyrion’s friend Bronn is sarcastic and funny. “There is no cure for being a cunt,” is from him.

Dog aka Sandor Cleagane

I loathed Joffrey for treating Sandor Clegane like a dog. Though his face is charred, Sandor Clegane impresses with his modesty.

Jorah Mormount

I love the way he says, “Yes Khaleesi”, “Please be careful Khaleesi.” K-H-A-L-E-E-S-I


The very tall Hodor is a bit dim-witted, but he is adorable.

Petyr Baelish

The shrewd ‘littlefinger’ is a mastermind. He owns a whorehouse in the King’s landing. Also, he was seen in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ in the opening scene.

Tywin Lannister

I don’t know why, but I find this old man very very sexy. Father of Cersie, Jamie and Tyrion, Tywin is the new king’s hand after Tyrion.

Jaqen H’ghar

Member of the ‘Faceless Men’, Jaqen H’gar helps Arya Stark by killing people for her. I also want someone like Jaqen H’ghar, I have many on the list. But alas!