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10 songs you can strut to

1 Dec

I love Leo-strutting to work, regardless of the stares that I get on the subway, railway-stations and on the streets. All you need is a good song to walk with, to kick start your day. Here is my list, also the reason why I don’t look at people while I am on Shanks’ pony.

Raindrops keep falling on my head – B.J.Thomas

I feel like a sunflower swaying in the breeze when this is on the loop.

Highway to Hell – AC/DC

I always stand on the train footboard while listening to this one.

Badal pe pao hai – Chak De India

This song from ‘Chak De’ is very sweet. “Ab toh bhai chal padi, apni yeh naav hai” makes you smile.

I like to move it, move it – Sacha Baron Cohen

OMG this song! OMG, OMG

Aaj main upar, aasman niche – Khamoshi

The small-town girl that I am, this is what I feel when I cross Borivali 😛

Crazy in Love – Beyonce

I am in love, and this is how I’ll walk bitch.

Roobaroo – Rang De Basanti

This song clears the fog of self-doubt, and then everything is crystal clear.

4 Mins – Madonna ft Justin Timberlake

You, the Madonna. Hot guy on the subway, the Justin Timberlake. Quick, you’ve got only 4 mins

Why don’t we do it in the road – The Beatles

The face goes into a smug mode with this song.

Joker and the thief – Wolfmother

I remember how crazy I went on the quiet Sopara streets at 1 am.