Rest in peace. I will not disappoint you.

29 Dec

This morning when I got the terrible news, I just hugged my mother and cried. She was like me, she was like you, and she was like us.

We will forget her, protestors will go home, and government will keep producing nincompoops like Sushil Kumar Shinde and Sheila Dixit. The adage ‘life goes on’ is a fact, we move forward, we forget. But not this time. Don’t know about you, but with me she would always stay.

How will she stay with me? Why won’t I forget her? Why? Well, I travel alone in this city late night. While passing railway stations, streets I get those stares everyday. I do nothing about it. I am ashamed to say, but I am quite used to it. But, now she will always ring the bell. Even when I am buzzed and returning home, I will hear her voice saying something like, “No, don’t look there. Look down and walk, they are watching you.” Or she would say, “Take out that stole from your bag, wrap it quickly.”

The least you can do is, keep this with you and learn how to use it.

The least you can do is, keep this with you and learn how to use it.

I know I am not safe. I chant ‘Shree Ganeshay Namah’ everytime I pass this lane at night. An innocent hope is always with me hoping that I might escape an unwanted encounter. I am not always lucky. A whistling mother***ker or somebody singing songs like ‘O O Jane Jaana’ is always there. What do I do? I ignore.

What am I suppose to do everytime something like this happens? What do you do when somebody from a parallel train winks at you? I know, you are feeling helpless by this question. But this is something we face everyday and therefore should not be ignored.

What am I going to do? Well, I do not expect anything from this government. I mean, whom are they kidding? It’s me who will find all my answers. I feel foolish for spending on a Spanish class, because the need of the hour is a karate class or anything that teaches self-defence. Also, I am going to keep a knife. I don’t know if I ever use it, but I am not kidding. I will.

She will always be with me, telling me to be safe. Well, hereby I promise I will not disappoint her.


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