Why Jim & Pam are the best TV couple

13 Aug

Immediately after watching the first two episodes of season one of ‘The Office’, I googled, “Do Jim and Pam from The Office get married?” How silly of me but I just couldn’t stop myself from doing that. From the first episode, I wanted them to be together. Whenever someone utters ‘perfect couple’, a thought bubble of Jim and Pam appears.

Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam

Suppressed love makes great love stories. It’s like grinning, wishing and lots of hoping. Jim and Pam represent every office couple who just can’t stop staring at each other’s desks. Though office romances are bit eerie in real life, but their story makes you believe in them. There is a constant ‘Come on damn it, say it’ going on while watching them. And, let me tell you that I cried tears of joy while watching them say ‘I do’ in season 6.



They don’t make men like Jim Halpert these days. No, seriously, I mean look at him. Who can be hot and humble at the same time? Girls, he should be our criteria while judging men. Though, you will only be disappointed as the standard of expectations is quite high. Regarding Pam, well she is like a sweet girl next door, but with flaws. She is not ambitious, nor is she confident. The only correct thing she did was not marrying Roy.

They make you smile. Every time you see them, you secretly wish you had a love story like theirs to tell. Look around; there is a Pam and Jim in every office. Well, maybe not that cute. Oh wait, don’t you dare compare them with your annoying colleagues now. Just don’t.


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